In the Thinfinity® Remote Desktop Server profiles editor "Advanced" tab will find the following options:



Unicode Keyboard

Uncheck this option to connect to Unix computers through xRDP.

Keyboard Layout

Choose the keyboard layout for the remote computer.

Connect to console session

Check this option to connect to the console session. This require confirmation from the logged on user and log out the current session.

Disable NLA login

Check this to skip NLA as the default login and have the authentication done by an alternative method.

Websocket compression

Check this option to enable the compression for the exchanged Websocket data and have the application performance improved.

It only works in browsers which have the websockets compression implemented and enabled.

Record Remote Desktop Session

Enable to record the remote desktop session when connecting to this profile. Read more about the Save Session feature.

Drag to relative mouse movement

The relative mouse movement is a mouse behaviour encountered in touch screen mobile devices, in which the screen cursor moves relatively to the touch when dragging.

Uncheck this option to have a mouse behaviour similar to the real desktop mouse in which the cursor will be always positioned under the touch.

Touch to hold delay

Specify time in miliseconds that you need to hold a touch until you can drag.

Minimum drag distance

Specify maximum distance in pixels that you can move the finger and have it be considered a touch instead of a drag movement.

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