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What's new in 5.0

Now Thinfinity® Remote Desktop includes many new options and features that enhance the user experience:
New in 5.0 :
· Added support for VNC / RFB connections.
· Added support for Telnet / SSH connections.
· Integrated protection measures for DOS attacks.
· Multiple port listening for both HTTP and HTTPS redirection.
. Added support for native TOTP
And all the features from previous versions :
· 40% faster than previous version.
· Support for Microsoft® RemoteFX™, enabling fast, enhanced visual experience of the Windows desktop. Read more.
· Create shortcuts to any configured connection using Virtual Paths. Read more.
· Record your remote desktop sessions and play them within the Thinfinity® Remote Desktop Server web interface. Read more.
· Multi-touch input redirection. Send the input of up to ten simultaneous fingers to be interpreted in the remote OS. Read more.
· Load Balancing for a better performance on large deployments. Read more.
· RADIUS authentication. Integrate the Thinfinity® Remote Desktop Server authentication with the RADIUS system. Read more.
· Populate Microsoft RD Web Access remote apps and desktops. Read more.
· Customize the Thinfinity® Remote Desktop Server user access to toolbar buttons. Read more.
· Use MS-SQL as the default backend database for storing the Analytics data. Read more.
· OAuth/2 now configurable with any server that supports this functionality. Read more.
· Support for OpenID Connect protocol.
· Support for DUO 2FA.
· Support for ForgeRock OAuth.
· User-based Access Profiles.
· User-based Credentials Management.