Connecting to a desktop

1. Open your preferred HTML5-enabled web browser in the computer where Thinfinity® Remote Desktop was installed.

2. Type the following url: into the address bar. If you have changed the port number in the previous step, replace the port number in this URL. When you access from a different computer, replace with the server IP address or DNS name.

You will be presented with the following screen:

3. In the 'Computer' field, enter the remote desktop IP you want to connect to.

4. Enter the Username and Password for the remote machine.

5. Press 'Connect'.

6. The remote desktop will show inside the browser and you can use it like a regular remote desktop session.

If you want to change the RDP connection settings, press the plus (+) sign on the right upper corner before connecting and the Display, Program, Experience, Advanced and Resources options will show.

To set up different options and make Thinfinity® Remote Desktop suit better your needs, read the Customizing Thinfinity® Remote Desktop Server topic.

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