Enabling Remote Sound

The remote sound feature allows you to listen to the sound playing on the remote machine.

Follow the next steps to enable the remote sound on Thinfinity® Remote Desktop Server.

If you are using:

a. Access Profiles:

Enable the remote sound on Thinfinity® Remote Desktop Server Manager.

1. Go to the Access Profiles tab.

2. Edit the profile you want to enable the remote sound.

3. Go to the tab Resources.

4. Check the "Enable Sound" option.

5. The default sound quality is the "Optimal". You can also, increase the quality, by setting it up to Excellent, or make it lower, to gain performance.

6. On the Web Interface, connect to a remote machine using this profile and try to listen to any sound playing remotely.

b. Other authentication methods (none, "+" profile):

Enable sound right before connecting on the Web Interface:

1. Once on the Web Interface, open the Options (plus sign +) and open the "Resources" tab.

2. Check the option "Enable Sound".

3. Choose the quality.

4. Connect and play a remote sound, so that you can enjoy it from your preferred browser.

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