Configuring Internet Access

After you verified that Thinfinity® Remote Desktop Server is running internally, you can make it available from the internet. If you have a static IP/domain, you might prefer providing internet access through your own external IP.

1. Test the access

Test the internet access by typing into a browser the following url:




2. Configuring the router:

Providing access to the internet through the external IP/domain, will require you to forward the port manually:

2.1. Port Forwarding:

a. Access the router by typing into a web browser the IP for the Default Gateway.

b. Authenticate with the router credentials.

c. Go to the port forwarding section and pick a port for internet access. It can be the same port number as the one Thinfinity® Remote Desktop Server is running on, or a different one.

d. Forward the internet port to the machine internal IP where you have installed Thinfinity® Remote Desktop Server and the port where it's running.

e. Save the changes.

If you need help configuring the router, contact us at

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