Customizing the Toolbar

By default, the Thinfinity® Remote Desktop Server toolbar displays the wider range of options within reach for the end users. However, as an administrator or integrator, you might want to restrict the end user from accessing some of these options, or all of them. Thinfinity Remote Desktop has a method that allows you to tweak the toolbar according to your preferences. These settings will be applied before the connection occurs and will affect all users and all connections in the Thinfinity Remote Desktop server installation.

General toolbar customization parameters

The customSettings global variable has two parameters that affect the complete toolbar:

The createToolbar parameter enables the Thinfinity Remote Desktop Toolbar creation. Setting it to false will result in a Thinfinity® Remote Desktop Server connection with no toolbar at all. This might be useful if you want to restrict the user from all the options in the toolbar.

The toolbarVisible parameter defines the initial toolbar visibility. When toolbarVisible is true, the toolbar will appear expanded upon establishing the connection; and when toolbarVisible is false, the toolbar will start collapsed.

Hiding toolbar components

When connecting to an application you might want to restrict the user to access the task manager by sending the [CTRL]+[SHIFT]+[ESC] keys. Or, perhaps, you might want to enable file transfer for downloading files without providing access to the file manager.

For all of these cases, you have a way to programmatically define the exact toolbar options that will be excluded.

The toolbarRestrictions customSettings property is an array that contains the full name of all the toolbar options you might want to restrict.

If you want a simple and straightforward configuration, you can add these parameters in the the customsettings.js file. The options that you set through this method will affect all the Thinfinity® Remote Desktop Server connections, regardless of the session, and will also override SDK connect method settings. Read more about customizing the toolbar using customsettings.js.

If you want to fine-tune these settings for different profiles, you can use the SDK library. Read more about customizing the toolbar using the connect method.

Read more about the toolbar user reference.

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