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In order for Thinfinity® Remote Desktop Server SDK to work all you need is the sdk.min.js and the jquery libraries to be accessible from your app/website:
Add a script tag pointing to the Thinfinity® Remote Desktop Server SDK client library: sdk.min.js in the HTML file where you will call the ThinRDP connect method from.
It is recommended that you deploy this file within your website/web app environment for better performance.
Quick setup guide using local connection mode:
1. Copy the sdk.html and sdk.min.js files to your website/web application environment.
2. Edit the sdk.html file: Set the GetThinRDP method first parameter to the Thinfinity® Remote Desktop Server URL following this format:
3. Also modify the computer, username and password properties to match the remote machine IP and credentials, respectively.
4. Save the changes.
5. Access sdk.html from your website/app environment and press OK on the "connected" and "session start" messages.
6. The page should now show the remote connection (accessed from an external html file).
Tip: The sdk.html file is a demo to quickly try out the Thinfinity® Remote Desktop Server SDK integration using the local connection mode, but also it can be used as a template to modify the HTML file you want to embed Thinfinity® Remote Desktop Server in.