Browser Resizing

When the browser window is resized by the end-user, you can make the connection resize proportionally to the new environment dimensions.

To do that you can perform a reconnection against Thinfinity® Remote Desktop Server (mythinrdp.restart()) on the browser resize event, so that the remote screen size will be updated with the new browser size.

Here is a code example that can be placed on the $(document).ready :

var resizeTimeout = null;
var waitToResize = 1000; // 1000 = 1 second (-1 deactivates it)
if (waitToResize != -1) $(window).bind("resize", restartToNewSize);
function restartToNewSize() {
if (mythinrdp && mythinrdp.connected) {
if (resizeTimeout) window.clearTimeout(resizeTimeout);
resizeTimeout = window.setTimeout(function () { mythinrdp.restart();}, waitToResize);

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